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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Catching Up

I'm in one of those scattered phases again. Polishing of "Game Faces" is almost complete. I'm at the point where I have an idea to change something, and as I set about making the change, I realize what's already there is better. (That's how I know I'm done.)

Agonizing over cover art for the book now too. I wish had had more facility with computer-based art. As I scour the 'net for images that can be cobbled together for the cover I see in my head, there is an underlying concern for catching another virus from one of the associated sites. It's happened before.

One detail for the cover is a dead body, a young woman with blond hair, the first murder victim in the novel. Try web searching for that! Young woman's body provided some alarming results. Crime scene photos? Oh, what an experience that was. There are things which cannot be unseen. Too many words added to search terms only brings back too much that doesn't really relate. Unless I get really lucky on this, I'm anticipating tweaking the cover design to exclude the body.

Ideas for the next installment of the Tracy Wiley series keep coming, although the central plot is still underdeveloped. While I also have some ideas for another Jack Watson mystery, that one requires a new POV character whom I have yet to turn into a three-dimensional person.

Also preparing for the Glen Ellyn BookFest. I have a hand-out sheet made up with my books on it. Now I need signs to display at the fest. I'll also be considering other promotional ideas along the way. Bookmarks maybe?

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