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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Number Four

Work now resumes on "Game Faces" which is in the polishing stage. The process does more than improve sentence structure and eliminate continuity errors. I look for ways to refine the feelings, enhance the tension, clarify descriptions, and sharpen dialog. Tracy has a sense of humor, and while much of the situation she finds herself in is no laughing matter, there are plenty of opportunities for her to be her humorous self. Just as I did when writing "Two Faces, Two Faced," I hope that the passages that make me smile or laugh do the same for other readers. I have ideas for the cover, but once again, translating the image in my mind to a viable computer image can be a strong challenge.

With "The Changeling Kill" published now, I've been ramping up on publicity. For the present, the ebook is only available through the publisher,, but once it shows up on Amazon and B&N sites, I can do more. A book needs to be available via Amazon in order to put it on Goodreads and AuthorsDen. In the meantime, I have created a Facebook page, updated my Google site (, posted a tweet on Twitter, added a publication to my LinkedIn profile, and did a Facebook post open to the public.The update to my Goodreads ad for "The Dreamer Gambit" was just approved, so the headline now indicates that "The Changeling Kill" is available now.

I did enter a contest for best new ebook of 2012, submitting "Two Faces, Two Faced." The first step is a quick review to "thin the ranks". If I get past that, I'll still get something out of it. Money? I'd trade a cash prize for additional publicity any day. Unfortunately, it will be several months before results start coming in. It's all about sales...

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