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Monday, May 28, 2012

I've Gone And Done It

Just sent "Game Faces" to Shelley at Write Words. It may be my fastest-completed novel yet, considering how I didn't even think Tracy had another story when "Two Faces, Two Faced" was published back in December. Special thanks go to Terry Dailey who read "Two Faces" and asked when the sequel would come out. She gets credit for making me think about a sequel and getting the ball rolling.

Now it's time to start my next project. I am going to revamp an earlier manuscript titled "Dabblers" which I completed in 2008. I have learned a great deal since I wrote it, and I want to apply that knowledge to make it better. It's a sort of cozy mystery because it takes place in a small community and investigates a murder that happens "off stage." But the amateur sleuth also finds herself in peril as she investigates, and the situation forces her to accept some things about herself that she has previously denied. The story also involves pagan religions and a touch of reincarnation and destiny.

Can hardly wait to get started. I'll be chronicling the project in future posts.

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