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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I never know when to leave well enough alone. I keep finding things to tweak in "Game Faces" although I know I have to call it finished at some point. This morning, I thought Tracy needed to consider a big decision she makes in the underlying relationship story. While what I changed makes the story better (I think), now I start to worry about discontinuities being introduced by the change. Did I also have her think about the same thing later? Is what I replaced mentioned later? Problem is, I've now read the whole book--straight through and in bits and pieces--so many times, I no longer actual "read" it. My brain fills in what I know should be there instead of seeing what is there.

Got a good foundation for the cover art. I have three different backgrounds I'm playing with. Similar to "Two Faces, Two Faced," I want to add the outline of faces to the cover which, although they are merely lines, are the hardest part of the whole thing. First, finding pictures of faces to use for the outlines, in this case, one male and one female, and with the appropriate expressions. I'm not even sure it's possible to show expressions with just a line drawing of a face. I also considered using full silhouettes of the faces, but that doesn't help all that much. Finding just the right artwork is a tedious job.

My goal is to have the whole package--cover, book, blurb--ready at the same time to go to Write Words.

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