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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Updates

Editing on "Game Faces" has progressed to running the word-count program to seek out repetition and extraneous words. After that, one more spell check, one more pass to look at formatting codes, and then--Done!

Ah, the cover. This may be an opportunity for me to dig deep into Photo Shop. How to combine parts of images from several sources? I'm not sure at this point, that it can even be done, but I'll give it a go.

There's still a lot of preparation to do for BookFest in June. I need to make signs for the sales tent, run off my fliers, and I've considered making a chapbook of "The Changeling Kill" to hand out to anyone who buys "The Dreamer Gambit." There's a one-minute pitch to construct, too.

As to what to work on next, I find myself divided. Ideas for a third installment of "Faces" series are coming fast, more so than for third outing of "Dreamer" series. And there are all those older manuscripts begging to see the light of my laptop again. Some might say that having two different series going at once should be enough, but I secretly fear that if I should run out of ideas for my main protagonists and then try to launch a new character s/he will not be as well received. And those older books are still close to my heart. They are the products of a lot of hours of thinking, writing, and polishing, and I cannot just abandon them.

Perhaps soon I'll have more time to work on writing . . .

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