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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scattered Progress

Up to Chapter 5 in polishing "Dabblers" manuscript. One key issue I have to go back and look at is pacing. Simply put, something must happen in each chapter that changes things in a permanent way. I believe "Dabblers" may have suffered from a lack of this in its first incarnation which is why it received its fair share of rejections in attempts to get it published. The story is meant to be subtle, approaching subjects such as psychic ability, reincarnation, and magic is a real-world sort of way. The other tricky part is my main character's feelings about it all. As an artist, her imagination is fertile ground for ideas and information, but she does not want to feel apart from other people, different or special. She wants normalcy, and her innate abilities get in the way of that. But to keep a reader's interest, something must happen on a regular basis, most desirably with escalating levels of drama leading up to the BIG SCENE.

Much of the writing in "Dabblers" seems pretty solid, with some minor adjustments to style. Renovating this one could take a while.

The Glen Ellyn BookFest is now less than three weeks away, and I still have a lot of preparation to do for it. Signs for the sales tent must be created, and I don't think my little color printer can handle any size larger than 8 1/2 by 11 which may not do it. Need to research printing services at various retail places.

Still waiting for a response on "Games Faces." Hopefully, I'll get an E.T.A. on galleys before long.

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  1. Dabblers sounds very interesting! Come on girl! Get 'er done!