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Thursday, June 14, 2012

So Many Books, So Little Time

Making good progress on "Dabblers." Up to Chapter 19, just before the big denouement. I'll still be going back for at least one more pass through the whole thing, probably more than one. Already starting to think about cover art.

As previously noted, I have ideas for a third entry in both the "Faces" and "Dreamer" series. The third outing for Tracy Wiley has a working title, "A Friendly Face." A lot of the scenes have grown in detail, and an overall plot line has emerged. This one will probably follow "Dabblers," although I fear I might be getting ahead of myself since "Game Faces" has not even been published yet.

For "Dreamer," I was considering moving Tabitha out of the POV entirely although she would still be present, and adding a POV for a new character introduced in "Changeling." That created something of a creative brick wall because this new character has not had any time to flesh out in my mind. I don't know the character (note clever approach to not revealing gender) well enough to step into those shoes. The idea occurred to me today that maybe a new POV is not such a good idea. I might just go back to Tabitha instead, maybe develop her a little more. Even so, the plot is still barely a sketch.

One more week till BookFest and I still have a lot of preparation to do, but I'll be ready. It is, after all, my first book-signing event.

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