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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flying Fingers

Just wrapped Chapter 2 in the new "Faces" novel. That's well over 6,000 words already. Tracy is so easy to write, though, bless her heart, and I'm still in the early stages where I know what's what and what's next. Can't wait to start Chapter 3 which is where the meat of the conflict gets underway. Well, actually, it got underway, i.e., foreshadowed, in Chapter 1 by the appearance of an earlier character who seems to be involved in some way whenever Tracy gets into trouble.

Revving up for Glen Ellyn BookFest on Saturday. I've got my signs ready, plus chapbooks of "The Changeling Kill" for anyone who buys "The Dreamer Gambit" and some other promotional materials. This will be my first go at an event where I'll be selling and signing my books, and I'm both excited and a little nervous as it gets closer.

Interestingly, I've started to pick up more followers on Twitter that are involved in promotion and sometimes graphic arts. As far as the art-related ones, I wonder if those are prompted by the book covers. Creating them is a matter of necessity because Write Words is small and does not employ a graphic designer. I think I'm getting better at constructing cover art on the computer though as I learn to use the tools at my disposal. The hardest part, though, is coming up with a concept that is also workable AND is in some way representative of the book. No ideas yet on the new one, but they'll start coming as I get deeper into the story.


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