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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Too Much or Not Enough?

About half way through the "Dabblers" rewrite, and I now I find I am second-guessing myself. I knew from the start that there would have to be more conflict and I started out with that, but now I'm wondering if I've already dropped the ball. I feel like there's not enough action, but is that because there isn't or because I'm so familiar with the story?

And as to the drama level required, "Dabblers" started out like a cozy mystery: female amateur sleuth, small-town location, murder happens prior to POV character's entrance. But because it is a character-driven story as opposed to a plot-driven one which is what most cozy mysteries would be, I feel like just solving the mystery is not enough. Stefanie, my main character, is also dealing with a personal problem. There are aspects of herself which she wishes to deny because they make her different from other people and she does not want to be different. Also, those same traits are difficult for her husband to accept, and while she does not fear losing him because of them . . . or maybe deep down she does! What she fears most is being an outcast. She knows from experience that people who know her secret never look at her the same way again. Her husband, Paul, knows more than anyone else and loves her the way she is. At some level, she worries that he too will look at her differently if he must also accept the rest.

I think what I fear that I've dropped the ball on is Stefanie's awareness of her final secret and her concern about revealing it. Well, maybe after I've tinkered with the wording and such, another read-through will indicate how much more rewriting will be needed.

On another note, the Glen Ellyn BookFest is just two weeks away. Today, I'm going to print out my signs and see how they look. Also, on the BookFest website, there was an article about the people who are going to present the early-morning program about promoting yourself as an author. Two of them are from Browne & Miller, the biggest literary agency in Chicago. Could be a huge opportunity.

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