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Monday, June 11, 2012

Figuring It Out

Good news first. I received verification that "Game Faces" has indeed reached the publisher. I had started to wonder, but found out the editor is just on vacation.

First printing of signs for BookFest proved one thing--I need more ink cartridges. I'll be looking to buy some other supplies too and hopefully come out with a professional-looking display under the tent.

I started back through "Dabblers" yet again and may have resolved my problem of creating suspense and conflict. Stefanie's secret is defined by an earlier event in her life, something strange and frightening, and she and Paul fear something similar is coming into play with her Uncle Hank's death. In an earlier draft, the earlier event had a name, the Rear Window Incident, named after the Alfred Hitchcock movie. I started to remove that in the rewrite but I've decided it does need a name, mainly as a means of referring to it. The name is different now, and while the event gets mentioned at junctures where Stefanie begins to fear a repetition is afoot, only a few of the details of it are given out at each stage. The other change required her to think more about that event the first time it gets mentioned, but still in vague terms.

I hope this approach gets the job done.

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