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Friday, February 8, 2013

Promotion and Other Stuff

Updated blog page, Google site, Goodreads, and AuthorsDen with info about "Stranger Faces." I still need to add the cover image to my Twitter profile, but I'm wondering how useful the Facebook pages are. FB ads can get "likes" but do those translate to sales? Is it worth it? (Anybody care to chime in on this?) I did update my Goodreads ad to promote "Stranger Faces," although I need to load an image for it, so I'll see how that does once approved. And then there are the Google ads which are low on funds and may require updates.

I finished the first proof of "The Changeling Kill" for print but haven't built my corrections document yet. Mostly, the errors are "lost" italics, generally for showing someone's thoughts that are a paragraph all their own. Italics that are combined in a paragraph with regular text never go missing.. Proofing the print edition galley isn't nearly as intense as the e-edition, i.e., the first real editing pass, but it can sometimes be an eye opener. I also tend to notice things I would like to change, as a matter of artistic preference, but those changes are a no-no.

Itching to get back to "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" as more of the scenes develop in my head. There will be much more "mystical" stuff in this one than in "Dabblers." Stefanie is learning to control her psychic ability and is learning it is an enormously powerful thing. Conflict arises as she fears what she may have to sacrifice to embrace it fully. More conflict in that she knows she's changing, becoming stronger and more different, yet how will her husband and friends feel about the changes? And there's the mystery of a missing woman to solve as well as the resurfacing of Stefanie's dark past. Should she seek revenge or offer forgiveness?

Oh, yeah, we got conflict.

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