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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plotting and What's Next

Really eager to do some heads-down writing on "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" but it ain't gonna happen unless I take a day off or something untoward happens.

 I'm getting to some more action stuff -- a body! -- and long to get more done on it. I have an idea of the wrap-up scene at the end which will tie up a loose end with a black silk bow, but I'm still not sure about the BIG SCENE in which all is revealed, the bad guy goes down, etc. In fact, I haven't even tried to work that part out yet. Okay, so I know who is who and what happens to some of them, but I don't have a vision for the scene--where it happens, who is there, what they do. There should be some danger involved, now that I'm thinking about it, but to whom? By whom? 

My chief concern is to make sure it is fresh, not a rehash of what happened in volume 1. Maybe equal to that is deciding how justice is meted out. Should the bad guy live or not? All in all, though, I'm a fan of the happy ending. Life itself is full of disappointments, bad or tragic outcomes, and other downers. Part of the fun of creating fiction is that it comes out exactly the way I want it to. 

On another note, during the day, I had an idea for the plot of another Jack Watson novel. I have been wrestling for a while over whether I could continue with Tabitha as a POV character. I mean, how many times can a singer get involved in detective work, even if she is part of Jack's life? Part of the dilemma this presented was the introduction of a new POV, but for a character I know little about. But I suddenly saw the simultaneous mysteries unfolding from a slightly different angle, and I think maybe I've got it now. Guess I now know what comes after "Seer, Tyro, Fiend."

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