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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Added a few more pages to "Seer Tyro Fiend" today. I've also solidified the sequence of events going forward. And still I don't know exactly how the final scene goes. Having talked to a few authors at LIM, the term they use is "pantser" as in seat-of-the-pants writing. I was quite surprised at how many authors are in the same camp. One of them said it's more fun that way, discovering what your character will do moments before he/she does it.

My author's copy of "Two Faces, Two Faced" is on its way. "The Changeling Kill" is one step closer to being a print book too. Very exciting stuff. Now I need to find time and inspiration to do more promotional activities.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my new followers on Twitter and friends on Goodreads. It's really great to connect with readers and writers -- lovers of fiction. Since I also started putting these same posts on Authors Den, those blog entries have been getting a huge number of hits. To all you who read my blog posts, I'll try to keep the info coming and interesting, even in light of less time to devote to it for the present.

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