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Monday, February 4, 2013

Eager to Create

Over the last couple of days, I haven't been able to do any writing at my computer (or not much anyway). While at Love Is Murder, sitting at the authors' signing table, I wrote out part of a key passage on paper and was almost late to dinner. I wrote some more during odd moments the rest of the weekend. So this afternoon, first thing when I got home from work, I typed it up. A whole 5 pages!

The story is really coming together, but  in my typical fashion, I still don't know how it ends! I have an idea about how to resolve one conflict, but not the other. Is the missing person at the heart of the mystery still alive? If not, what happened? And if so, who will try to prevent her from being found?

Things are getting very busy. I have a galley of "The Changeling Kill" to proof for the paper edition. I need to start into updating my websites with information about "Stranger Faces." I have a contract to fill out for a paperback edition of "Dabblers," and I think a paperback of "Game Faces" might be on its way too. Whew!

I'm also considering putting together some sort of contest or quiz where the prize is a signed paperback of "The Dreamer Gambit." Haven't quite worked that out, but I will definitely post the details on this blog when I have them.

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