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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Catching Up

Well, Love Is Murder now over for 2013. I had a good time there, talked to a lot of people, generated a few sales, and conducted myself rather well I think on the panel discussion. At first, only a handful of people showed up at my session, but the room filled out later. I managed to answer questions without sounding like a stuttering fool, and maybe even sounded knowledgeable. The biggest thing about attending LIM, though, is that being surrounded by other published authors as well as those who want to be published provides a feeling of having accomplished something. I've crossed the line since my first Con in 2009 from being an "un" (unagented and unpublished). Still don't have an agent, but I'm working on my 7th novel. Not half bad.

"Stranger Faces" showed up on the Write Words, Inc. site on Friday, as scheduled. "Two Faces, Two Faced" print edition shouldn't be far behind. I'll need to do some updating of my various websites as soon as "Stranger Faces" shows up on Amazon. I could do it earlier, but my computer time of late has been so limited. Then there will be the advertising stuff . . .

Eager to get back to work on "Seer, Tyro, Fiend." So eager, in fact, that I had some free time at LIM and began handwriting a difficult scene on paper! The imagination just will not be silenced for very long before the words have to come out.

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