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Friday, February 15, 2013

If My Book Became A Movie...

Somewhat belated, I'm doing a casting piece for "Stranger Faces". Some of the entries remain unchanged from earlier volumes in the series.

Tracy Wiley - Michelle Monaghan (hope I spelled that right). She sort of reminds me of younger Stephanie Zimbalist who is really what the character looks like in my head. Think "Remington Steele."

Alex Laughlin - Simon Baker. Never thought anyone else came close.

Kevin Fox - Ryan Cartwright, who I mentioned in another post, probably for "Game Faces" as a perfect fit for Fox, originally inspired by Pierce Brosnan, also from "Remington Steele".

Chris Roosa - Bradley Cooper. It's that smile that does it, but he'd have to wear special contacts to get the amber eyes of the character.

I may do another post with some additional characters when I can find time to hunt up the talent.

Still making progress, albeit slow, on "Seer, Tyro, Fiend," but a couple of pages a day ain't too bad. I'm about to start a really exciting passage, as I mentioned a day or so ago, and I'm almost afraid to get started on it because I'd have to stop in the middle.

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