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Monday, June 24, 2013

How Many Websites?

I spent (wasted) part of the morning trying to develop a website on Wix.Com. I'd seen the ads pop up on Facebook, and an author I know just created her site. I figured, it's free, so what the heck? Well, when I started creating the page of my books, I ran out of room and couldn't figure out how to get the rest of them on there. So maybe I don't really need another website. I have this blog and my Google site. What I was setting up in Wix wasn't all that different. Maybe it just isn't worth the time.

I need to get back to "The Janus Rule," which I thought about a fair amount over the weekend. The excrement is about to come into contact with the mechanical cooling device, as it were, and poor Jack is gonna be in the middle of it. My publisher, Arline Chase, references author Carla Neggers on this issue, if I may quote from Arline's blog: "...put your character in a hole and every time they try to climb out, throw more dirt down on them. If you throw enough dirt, according to Carla, the Big Gloom (don't you just love all these technical terms?) her name for the bleak moment (when the reader is certain it's going to end in disaster), will arrive without looking contrived." In Jack's case, the "dirt" will be the number of people who have it in for him. 

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