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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Can't Leave A Puzzle Unsolved

Well, I had to go back to and finish designing my website there. I know yesterday I complained about it and offered arguments why I did not need another site, but maybe it's just my years as a programmer that made it impossible to accept defeat. So now I have another website, I'm thinking that maybe that site will take over being my main book site while leaving this one for blogging. Haven't decided yet.

I had a burst of inspiration yesterday afternoon for "The Janus Rule" and forged ahead on it this morning after some minor tweaks of earlier passages. It was one of those oooh-that's-good ideas, so good that I had no trouble remembering it (for a change) overnight. A lot of times, good ideas come to me when I don't have an opportunity to follow through or at least make notes, and then they are gone. Not this one, though. Maybe because I had inadvertently set the scene for it without seeing the connection until my ah-ha moment.

Sometimes, the muse works with me . . .

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