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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bogged Down Again

Progress slowing down on "The Janus Rule" and I suspect other authors more organized than I am would say that lack of organization was to blame. I got through the scenes I found inspiration for the other day, but now I don't know where to go next. I'm sure it will come to me, but in the meantime, perhaps I can work on some notes for future projects. I have three of them in my head already. I've been sidetracked like this before, even to the point of dropping one book and starting another. So undisciplined. The muse wants what the muse wants.

I also get the nagging feeling I should be doing more in the name of promotion. I recently heard from a fellow author who has been contacting libraries about making appearances, and I had been thinking about doing the same thing. I'm already set up for a return to the Joliet Author Fest in October, but there are lots of libraries around the suburbs of Chicago. My plan is to get the message to them that I am willing to do signings, book fairs, and maybe even meet with small groups like book clubs or aspiring authors. I can handle small groups, but big crowds are anxiety inducing for me. But nothing ties my tongue faster than telling me I have a time limit. "Tell us about your book in 60 seconds." I'll try to talk and hear myself talking and keep track of how much time I've used up and it all turns into a big jumble. I can do it without a time limit (I think), but I seem to  get into trouble with one because I can't gauge time without looking at a watch or clock. Ah, well. . . In any case, I hope to have more to show on my various websites about upcoming events.

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