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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Getting Organized

Not too much writing going on yet today, but I'll be getting on it after lunch some. I started on a long-overdue project to straighten out my home filing system, still in disarray after moving to this house two years ago. Papers misfiled, in no particular sequence, can't find anything when I need it. While it's all nicely hidden in file drawers, a few attempts to locate items which should have been simple turned into a major undertaking and without much success. I'm an organized person by nature, so not being able to find things and encountering disorganization really bothers me. So maybe I'll work on a little each day, because not working on my novel bothers me too.

I do have some more scenes mapped out in "Janus" as well as signs of some structure going forward, ideas about what should happen to get where I want to go. The really unusual thing about this book is that a lot is happening in a short period of time, with several chapters covering a single day. That might be on account of having so many POV characters and two separate (?) cases going on at once. Also, lots of different conflicts.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I took a breather at a stuck point and made some notes for future projects--a third Windsong Lake book and revamps of two earlier manuscripts. One of the latter will be mainly a complete rewrite of my first completed novel, but my note on it addressed an issue of character. As written, one of my protagonists does something bad, but since I like him, I made it so what he did wasn't totally his fault. I guess back then I didn't want to besmirch his hero standing. When I rewrite it, he's still going to do the bad thing and suffer the consequences, but he'll have to take responsibility for his decision and face a dilemma over it. I think he'll come off as more of a real person rather than as some sort of saint.

Now I'm itching to get back on "Janus."

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