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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Put It To Bed and Start the Promo Machine

Sent off the corrections for "Stranger Faces" this morning, which stamps a big "DONE" on that project. The story closes with some avenues for future books still open, although I have not given the next one too much thought. (Okay, I've thought about it some.) I like Tracy, and she's easy to write, probably because there is a lot of me in her.

I'll be focused more on getting some publicity done for "Stranger Faces" as well as "Two Faces, Two Faced" which is coming out in paperback. There are websites to be updated, advertising campaigns to update, etc., Love Is Murder is also on the horizon, where I'll be on a panel discussion about writing more than one series at a time.

Back to work on "Seer Tyro Fiend" which is turning out to be more fantastical than "Dabblers" was. Stefanie is trying to explore her psychic ability in more depth, to learn to control it, but there are no guide books for doing so. She must feel her way carefully, torn between the euphoric sense of gaining control and the fear of where it will lead. Sort of like the first time you drive a car at high speed.

One "Seer" is done, it will probably be time for a third Jack Watson book, although I continue to wrestle with the new character I want to introduce as his partner and new POV character. I think the real question I have to answer is one of the first two in the plotting recipe I've referred to: "What does this person want?" I have a fair idea who she is, but what does she want? What motivates her in the decisions she makes? I can answer in terms of the plot I have in mind, but I need the overall, her worldview.

Even if I'm only writing one book at a time, I guess I'm always working on more than one at a time.

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