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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Picked up the galley for "Stranger Faces" yesterday and started the proofreading process. My first pass will be reading the PDF file on the computer, although I will also do a pass reading from a printed copy. I usually find more errors in print than I do on the screen. I look for formatting problems--missing italics, incorrect paragraph breaks--as well as the typical grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. I found a few already. For example, the text reads I thought I should feel complemented. The last word should be complimented.  In another spot, the text reads took my bags to a rest room to change. But restroom is just one word. Finding this stuff can be difficult because I also get wrapped up in the flow of the story and the dialog.

I  may find things I would have written differently or something I would have added, but it's too late for that at this point. The only "creative" changes I might make would be to avoid repetition. On one page, I found I had used the dialog tag "snapped" within a few lines. I changed one to "muttered."

My personal debate over the cover art seems to have been resolved as the galley has the second cover design I created. I really do think it is the right choice, both from a continuity with the other covers aspect as well as how it presents in both full size (5.5 x 8.5 inches) and smaller images which are what the reading public will see first.

Work on "Seer Tyro Fiend" stalls temporarily while I complete "Stranger Faces," but I will be thinking about Stefanie's newest adventure in between and hopefully creating new scenes to include.

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