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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moving On

I did not realize so much time had passed since my last post. Been dealing with some life issues in the last couple of days.

So I got past the stuck place in "Stranger Faces" and am well into the big climactic scenes. One of them has been written for the most part. I decided on a two-stage climax which might be sort of unusual. The first stage turns the tide, so to speak, by resolving one of the major puzzles that had to be figured out. The second stage will involve getting all the bad guys out into the open and brought down. This second stage is kind of a new direction from the original outline (as much as I outline anything) and is still formulating in my mind. The final chapter, as always, ties up all the loose ends, supplies details, and sets the path for the future. Once I have a full story draft, I'll go back and edit, clarify, revise, etc., etc.

For the time being, I have only "Stranger Faces" to work on. Still waiting for galleys for print edition of "Two Faces, Two Faced." Still waiting for galleys for "Dabblers." Still waiting for "Game Faces" to hit the major Internet vendors so I can lean on the advertising. I had really hoped to get "Game Faces" selling in a big way to bump up numbers for the quarter. I still hope "Dabblers" will make it to market before the end of the year.

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