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Friday, August 3, 2012

"Game Faces" - Soundtrack

I really look forward to doing the soundtrack post for a new book and sharing with visitors the music that either inspired me or would be ideal if the book became a movie. "Game Faces" has quite a bit, and I want to thank my friend, Ellen, for giving me a CD by Enigma, "Sleep" which contributed mightily to it. I first listened to it while I was editing the manuscript, and I kept hearing songs I'd never heard before that seemed absolutely perfect.

Sleep - from the above mentioned Enigma CD. This one goes with Chapter 8, I think, or maybe 10.

Make a Wish - Also Enigma. Chapter 5 at the end for a scene that's left to the reader's imagination.

Tears from the Moon - Same collection. Start of Chapter 5.

Pandora - For the big scene in Chapter 16.

Heartbreaker - from Pat Benatar. Perfect for the sexy cop who gets Tracy involved.

Next up, the dream cast.

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