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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ever Onward

Today I drafted a query letter for "Dabblers" and plan to send it tomorrow. I still find things to tinker with in the manuscript, but they are small things, a word or two here or there. The story itself is solid and all the loose ends tie up nicely at the end. I think it's ready.

Created a Face Book ad today for "The Changeling Kill." The page has 9 likes so far, so I'm hoping to see a lot more.

As soon as "Game Faces" shows up at Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble, I'll do an ad for that one too.

Also have an idea for a new Google ad. And of course, there'll be stuff to do on Goodreads and Authors Den.

Then back to Tracy 3 (still untitled, although it will have the word "faces" in it somewhere). I've pretty well worked out who did what and how it ends, along with the final "big scene" and the wrap up. Eager to get back to real writing.

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