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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lady In Waiting

Sometimes, it seems half of the writing life is waiting.

Waiting for "Game Faces" to show up on Amazon and B&N so that advertising can begin in earnest.

Waiting for response from book committee at Write Words regarding newest manuscript.

Waiting for galleys to proof for "Two Faces, Two Faced" paper edition.

Waiting to hear back on a request for a review of "Two Faces" from Windy City Reviews.

Waiting to find out if all those Facebook "likes" on my "Changeling Kill" page, resulting from my ad, have translated into actual book sales.

And in between, I keep writing, because I can't help it. "Faces 3" is around halfway through the book now. And I keep finding small things to correct/tweak in "Dabblers"--adding or changing a word or two here or there. I hope Write Words will accept it for publication because I think it could be a good seller with its paranormal aspects. I had an idea for a sequel to this one too, and after the most recent rewrite, the door to a whole series is now open. If they accept it and it gets published before the end of the year, I'll have three books for the year.

Having joined the Chicago Writers Association, I have also been planning an article to write for them about things I have learned on the road to getting published. Need to start organizing my ideas and see what sort of article it works out to be. Maybe more than one depending on how much stuff I can pull together.

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