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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Up

Still no sign of "Game Faces" on Amazon. There was an issue which might have held things up a bit. The folks at Write Words made some changes to the cover of "Game Faces" and "Two Faces, Two Faced" to reflect the fact that they are part of a series. I'm really hoping to see "Game Faces" available on a variety of vendors very soon.

"Dabblers" needs a cover, and I have finally assembled all the elements I need. Next step, I have to make some of the sketches which Stefanie does in the book. Some of them will have drops of blood on them--fake blood, of course. Then the drawings and sketch pad will be laid out on a black background and photographed. The photo will be merged with another of a lightning bolt in the sky. My thinking on a cover is that it should use elements of the book which also appear in the blurb, and that when someone reads the book, they return to the cover and say, "Aha!" And all that has to happen with a imagery which grabs attention. I know I am drawn to books with intriguing covers and then read the blurb to see if I'm interested. I'm sure I'm not the only person who book-shops this way.

I also received word today from "The Windy City Magazine" of the Chicago Writers Association that the article I submitted will be included in the next issue. It contains some advice and things I have learned about writing since I started on this journey. Perhaps it will lead to more potential readers looking me up and wanting to see what I have published.

Making great strides in the third entry of the Tracy Wiley series. It's quite a wild ride for Tracy, and as always, she is fun to write because of her smartalecky mouth and sense of humor. The Big Scene is coming up soon. An odd thing happens as I approach the climactic chapter in a book. It's almost as if I'm hesitant to write it. Maybe because once I've done that, all the questions are answered, all the mysteries solved, and then it's just wrap up time. The way things look right now, the door will be open for yet another Tracy Wiley book in the future given the way the third story works out to its conclusion.

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