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Monday, August 20, 2012

"Dabblers" Cover - Done!

Finished the cover art for "Dabblers" yesterday and have gotten some comments from Facebook friends who liked it. It's a combination of clip art, Microsoft Paint manipulation, and -- new this time out -- my own drawing and photography. I wanted to depict Stefanie's "sleep pictures" as they are instrumental to the story. So I drew some of them. Since they are described as childish and primitive, I figured I could handle that. The view through the window of a lightning bolt was from a web search, as was the spot of blood on one of the pictures and the sketch of a forest. The last sketch was meant to show that Stefanie does possess some artistic ability beyond stick figures. I took a digital picture of the sketches and sketchbook laid out on top of my piano, then added the blood spot. Also drew in the window. See the result below.

On another front, I had a break through this morning regarding "Tracy 3" and how to get to the Big Scene. Some of it is luck and some of it is skill on Tracy's part. There'll be a big shock included, too, and the concluding chapter will leave the door open for more adventures but with a twist.

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