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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Updates and Decisions

More vendors are picking up more of my ebooks, which is great. All five are now on OmniLit.I've got ads running on Facebook and Google and Authors Den.

I've been working on "Stranger Faces," editing and adjusting, but I think it may have reached its time for a rest, where I put it aside for a while and then come back to it with fresh eyes.

Decision: what's next?

I had some ideas for a third entry in the Jack Watson series, and I could work on developing that more. As previously mentioned, there's a new character introduced in "Changeling" who could be a new POV. The next story should branch out in a direction where Tabitha having a major viewpoint is no longer feasible, but to do that, the new character needs to be developed more. I need to get into her head, find out where she's coming from, what kind of person she is inside in order to know how she will respond to things and what actions she would take.

I also started looking over some of my older unpublished manuscripts, looking for inspiration. Here's an update of the states of this old stuff that could be revamped and whipped into shape:

  • "Meds" - a medical thriller not quite completed. Needs a wrap up in addition to revisions of style. Good potential. Very complex because of all the points of view in it--four!
  • "Edge Factors" - sci-fi/thriller. Completed, but wa-a-a-y too long at almost 100,000 words. Also needs more conflict in some areas, and I have some ideas.
  • "Mond" - sci-fi. My first novel. Needs a WHOLE LOT OF REWRITING, but still a viable story.
I also have ideas for a sequel to "Dabblers," still in the formative stage, but with some really good scenes in my head.

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