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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dabblers - The Soundtrack

In keeping with my established tradition (does 22 months constitute a tradition?), here is the "soundtrack" for "Dabblers."

These are songs that inspired ideas or underscored existing ones with their mood or feeling.

Lady In Black - Uriah Heep
One of the first songs for "Dabblers." There's a folk-song feel to it and the lyric describes the title entity who is "the mother of all men." It goes with the pagan female-centered aspects of the story.

Sorcerer - Marilyn Martin
From the movie, "Streets of Fire," a song by Stevie Nicks (who also sings backup). Sorcerers and magic just go together.

La Luna - Belinda Carlisle
From her "Runaway Horses" album. (Are they still called albums in the age of CDs and MP3s?") This one goes with how Stefanie met her husband in Paris, although the scene was long written before the song came out.

King and Queen - The Moody Blues
An old favorite of mine, with lyrics that reflect uncertainty about the dividing line between reality and dreams. The song was originally released long, long ago, then released on a live collection, and then again on a couple of compilation CDs. "It's like awaking from a dream. All I remember is the lullaby . . ."

He Doesn't See Me - Sarah Brightman
This one also qualifies because of the sort of fairy tale feel about it. I'm a huge Sarah Brightman fan anyway.

I'm still thinking about casting, although I have my picks for the three main characters. I might try to research some of the secondary characters before I post that.

Last but certainly not least, I want to mention that I received a very nice comment on this blog from Denise, and I am always thrilled to get real feedback from people, especially the positive kind. I love talking about writing and writing about it too, and to know that readers are interested in what I have to say is even better than getting paid for it.

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