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Monday, November 26, 2012

If My Book Became a Movie - Dabblers

My traditional post of the dream cast for the movie version of the novel. There are no real spoilers here, but I  do have a friend who does not want to read my picks before she reads the book.

There are a lot of characters in Dabblers, many of them of only modest impact, but I've concentrated on the major players.

Stefanie Durant - Neve Campbell.. She has a kind of vulnerable look that suits Stefanie.

Paul Durant - Brendan Fraser. He's a big guy, just like Paul, and he has a huge capacity for playing men capable of tenderness.

Amy Greenleaf - Nicole Kidman. Perfect.

Officer Sam Wentworth - Adrien Brody. Having seen him in a few movies playing an action hero sealed the deal.

Melinda Van Zant - Indina Menzel. Something about her looks matches up with Melinda.

In other news, as they say, I have a second cover design for "Stranger Faces" that I'm a bit more comfortable with in terms of its style meshing with the other two books in the series. May be getting close to sending it off to be published, although I still have to write a blurb.

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