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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


"Dabblers" is really coming along. In its newest incarnation, I find myself getting excited about it again, and that's great. When I originally wrote it, I wanted to explore certain ideas in a way that they might really happen. To a degree, the story still does that, but rather than have Stefanie just learning about her uncanny ability, it's more about her learning to accept it and understand it instead of pretending it doesn't exist. She wants to fit in and live a normal life, something denied to her in her youth, but she cannot deny a part of herself to do so. I also made one more tweak in the last day or two, and that was to make sure I did not endow her with too many gifts. She needed some challenges too. A little research on the web proved that my idea for doing that actually has been studied. A perfect fit. 

I have a couple more chapters to rewrite on this pass before I start going through the editing process. Since this is a new story with new characters, it will have to start at square one with Write Words, and hopefully, they'll want to publish it.

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