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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

News and Updates

I heard from Write Words today about taking "Two Faces, Two Faced" to paperback. How timely with the sequel coming out soon and the "Two Faces" Facebook page up to 91 likes. I think this one's really going places.

Also joined Chicago Writers Association. I heard about them at the Glen Ellyn Bookfest a few weeks ago, and joining sounded like a great way to make contacts and get my name out there.

Registered for Love Is Murder 2013 too, and said I would be willing to be on a panel. Hope they come up with something for me. (At the risk of sounding like a broken record, more promotion opportunities--but hey, nobody but me is going to do it.)

"Dabblers" still in progress. While I would probably put it aside for a while when I think I'm done revising, the decision to do so may be made for me when I must proof galleys for "Two Faces, Two Faced."

Still not ready to give up the day job (although I wouldn't mind if I ended up doing so at a time not of my own choosing if you get my drift).

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