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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shorter and Better Than Ever

My latest editing effort on "Dabblers" brings the manuscript in a 79,800 words. It's sometimes miraculous to me how I can look at a novel over and over, reading and editing, and then a new angle comes to me and I see it all differently. This time, it was the idea that it was too long, and suddenly I started to see all the extraneous stuff. I took out snippets of dialog, descriptions of things that did not matter, and rewrote wordy sentences. Things I original wrote as two sentences became one, and I don't mean by connecting them with an "and" or "or" in the middle.

So once again, I'll let the story "rest" for a bit and come back again, but I think it's nearly done. Then I'll see if Write Words wants to publish it.

In the meantime, back to Tracy Book 3. The plot has solidified and more scenes are in my head to be written, so that one should progress pretty fast. But I'll also have to jump into some promotional work as well. I have an idea for revising this blog, but I'll wait until I can add "Game Faces" into it. And there'll be galleys to proof for "Two Faces, Two Faced," the print edition.

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