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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dabblers Progressing

Now that I've started the rewrite of "Dabblers," the ideas have been developing further. Since the story is told from Stefanie's point of view in first person, I am following some advice I once received from a literary agent. The story should flow as if Stefanie were telling it to her best friend. I've considered this hint and refined it (correctly, I hope). I'm telling Stefanie's story as though she is telling it to someone who does not know anything about her at the outset, unlike a best friend who would know some of her history. This includes providing flashbacks to earlier events which have meaning and/or bearing on the current story. It's proving to be a tricky exercise because I want to reveal enough of the background stuff to provide motivation for Stefanie's actions and decisions. Her past experiences play a very important role in this. But I don't want to reveal too much all at once, because Stefanie is also learning about the peculiar talents she has been blessed with.

The rewrite may prove challenging enough that it will require a fair number of readings to make sure I get it right. It might be necessary to take a break from it after a complete first pass.

Then it's back to "Faces 3". Even as I work on "Dabblers," I find myself thinking about Tracy's latest adventure, and each time I follow a thread about it, the story becomes more clearly developed. At the moment, I'm working out the actual part certain tertiary characters play. Then there will be the big climactic scene which I don't have a single idea about at present. But it will come. It always does.

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