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Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together...

I have completed another pass at "Dabblers" and I like the result. The story became more complex, but that's okay. Stefanie also became more complex and more likable to me, another good result. Next, I may  have to indulge in an exercise I think of as outlining in reverse While some writers do a complete outline of the story before they start writing, my outlines -- if any -- come somewhere in the middle. The main goal of this exercise is to determine if I have covered all the points I wanted to cover and that each chapter moves the story forward, supplying a critical piece of knowledge or some action. As Arline Chase puts it, in each chapter, something must happen which changes everything forever. In my rather disorganized approach to writing, where I go forwards and backwards at the same time, I can lose track of the form and function aspects. But no worries. All things are fixable.

With "Game Faces" now out of my hands, I must also think about promotion. As soon as I receive the final files from Shelley at Write Words, I can construct a Facebook page for "Game Faces," do blog design changes, and update my Google website. I'm beginning to think the rash of FB "likes" for "Two Faces, Two Faced" is a result of the FB ad I created for it. If that is so, I can only hope that "likes" translate into sales.

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