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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

That's A Wrap - Almost

Well, I've done it. Today I wrote the final line in the final chapter of the first draft  of "The Changeling Kill," sequel to "The Dreamer Gambit."

Not that it's anywhere close to being publisher ready. Ahead there are many more readings, proofing, editing, revising (hopefully not too much of that) and around and around until it feels right. Usually, this means thinking of something I could change, tweak a little, and then realizing that I cannot do better than what's already on the page.

It's been a long time since I completed a brand-new manuscript. A mixture of feelings comes with it: satisfaction, a touch of melancholy, and the kind of fatigue that comes when you realize how much more work lies ahead until it's really done.

Before I get into the editing and polishing, I will probably let it rest a bit and work on something else. Then I can start reading what I've create with fresh eyes. The something else will probably be polishing up one of my older manuscripts. I've got my eye on a particular one with the working title of "Dabblers." It's a mystery wrapped up with psychic ability and pagan religions and the notion of magic and spells. It's written in first person POV which makes it a bit more straightforward. There's no deciding who should be in control of each scene or whether to include another POV at all. Hopefully, it will pass muster with my publisher and become book number 4.

Stay tuned for "The Changeling Kill."

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