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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Latest News

My shipment of paperback copies of "The Dreamer Gambit" arrived the other day, and they will be sold on consignment at Love Is Murder.

I purchased a color printer for making chapbooks of "Two Faces, Two Faced" to take along too, as well as long-reach stapler. Still fiddling around with the cover for this, but once I get it all looking good, I can become my own mini print shop. I also want to make labels to apply to the business cards I had made up for "Dreamer" to announce that the sequel will be coming soon. The chapbooks and cards will be distributed free at LIM any way I can manage it.

Regarding the "Dreamer" sequel, "The Changeling Kill," the first draft is past the big, climactic scenes and is winding down to the conclusion. By all means, that does not mean the writing is done. I'll go back over it a number of times for typos, punctuation, and formatting. Also for continuity checking and addition of descriptive stuff where needed. Then I'll use the tool I've noted before which counts the number of occurrences of each word and how far apart they are to see if any are overused or could be removed or improved. Editing is hard, hard, hard work.

And then what? Someone who read "Faces" asked me if I planned to do a sequel for it. I hadn't thought about it up to that point, but her question got me to thinking and voila the beginnings of a plot concept were born. Alternatively, there are six other manuscripts in various stages of completion (enumerated in an earlier posting called "The Writer Between Projects") which could turn into my next project.

Stay tuned.

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