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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Love Is Murder 2012 - Recap

LIM is over for another year, an ending which one speaker called bittersweet. For me, it had its ups and downs. First the Ups.

1) The opportunity to talk to other writers or listen to those who have "made it."

2) Picked up some fabulous information from the workshops given by
  • A former NYPD undercover cop discussing how they do the job
  • Two Chicago cops with the truth about guns
  • A former CIA operative telling about the real world of espionage and what it takes
  • A forensics expert discussing what crime scene investigations are like
  • A financial fraud analyst who tracks where the money goes
3) Sat on a panel of newly-published authors and heard my bio and book blurb read to the assembled attendees

4) Heard my name and book listed among candidates for an award for best first novel.

5) Learned about additional ways to promote my books

6) Had some of my promotional materials picked up by others (all "Faces" chapbooks gone!)

Now for the Downs

1) Did not sell any books. :-(

2) Discovered how much distance there is between my recent success and that of best-selling novelists

3) Did not do any writing all day Saturday.

4) Walked my feet off.

I'm sure there will be more coming, but those are the highlights/lowlights.

Now I can't decide whether to dive into new promotional ideas or get back to the writing I sorely miss.

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