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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Two Faces, Two Faced - It's Here!

I have just finished downloading the final files for "Two Faces, Two Faced" and will be adding "gadgets" for it right after I post this. I visited the Write Words website -- -- and there it is! I'm quite proud of the cover which took me quite a while to get right.

My second novel published, and it's every bit as thrilling as the first one. This time, however, I think I have a better footing in the publicity department. I'll be updating Authorsden and Goodreads, adding a Facebook page, tweeting on Twitter. When I attend the Love Is Murder conference, I plan on taking chapbooks with me, in addition to having "The Drreamer Gambit" for sale in the conference book store.

Still working on "The Changeling Kill," sequel to "Dreamer." I find myself back-tracking a lot in order to set up for the climatic chapter. Very soon, I will have to go through a sort of storyboarding excercise I sometimes find necessary. I'll go back through what I've written and make a chart of what each POV character knows when. This is mainly a continuity check but also serves to make sure Jack has enough pieces of information to figure it out at the crucial moment.

I'm on vacation from my regular day job this week, and the timing couldn't have worked out better with "Faces" coming out. I'm really hoping that its Miami locale will be appealing during the winter months ahead.

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