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Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Book One Step Closer

Just sent corrections for "Two Faces Two Faced" to the editor at Write Words. I proofed that galley three times, so I hope I caught everything. I was lucky that "Faces" did not see any rewrites, where "Dreamer" had at least three. All those rewrites open up the opportunity for continuity errors and those can be tough to find without reading it straight through in a single sitting. Scheduled release date to the site is December 1. Soon as I get the thumbs-up that everything is ready, I'll jump into the publicity role. Press releases, Twitter, this blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Authors Den, etc.

And in between, there's the sequel to "Dreamer" to work on, and I'm eager to get back to it. I've been going back to the manuscript at odd moments when I have ideas and sticking notes in where I want to add something, like extending a scene or what's coming up next. Ah, what a luxury it would be to have all my time to devote to writing projects! Still got the day job, though.

There was also a short story I started for the Writers of the Future contest which I suppose I could try to complete and get it entered by the December 31 deadline. But given any free time at all, I'd probably opt for working on "Changeling" instead. That one too will not require any rewriting, but proofing, proofing, proofing! Hopefully, I'll have that one done by spring and then maybe dust off one my older manuscripts for polishing.

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