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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Finally! The cover art for "Two Faces Two Faced" is done! I finally figured out how to (1) draw a particularly-shaped curved line on the computer and (2) how to lay it over the background already done. The design begs for a treatment of the title, but the lettering is up to my editor at Write Words.

I also hit upon a title for the "Dreamer" sequel. I wanted to follow the same construction, i.e., The Something Something. And now I've found it. And the title is: "The Changeling Kill."

For anyone who has read "Dreamer," here's a sneak preview. Jack Watson is hired by his ex-wife, and more of their history is explored. Tabitha Solo is back, and a big event in her career is becoming the focal point of Jack's case. They will struggle with how their disparate careers conflict with their relationship. And at the heart of it, a clever killer whose description and method of assassination change with every kill.

Here's another impassioned plea to hear from people who have read "Dreamer." I'd love to hear from you, either here on my blog or via Twitter or Goodreads or Authors' Den.

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