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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sequel, Continued

Working out the plot for the sequel to The Dreamer Gambit. Of course, there is a murder in the making, but how to do it? In this day and age, I feel a little uncomfortable doing research on the web for how to kill someone. If I start web searching on murder methods, will some government agency come a-knocking on my door?

So the Internet is out as a resource. Instead, I turned to my resident resource on all things scientific--my husband. I bounced my idea off him and he provided some great guidance that wound up solidifying the mechanism. The man's a genius, actually; the most intelligent person I have ever known.

With so many pieces of the sequel plot coming together, I'm getting that writer's itch very strongly. I know if I open a Word document and start writing, I'll soon be churning out ideas faster than I can type. And I type really fast. What on earth did authors do before computers?

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