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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Well, I'm finally into writing the sequel to "The Dreamer Gambit." I've been revising the first couple of chapters that I originally started a couple of years ago. (Two years? Damn, how time flies!)

The opening chapter, more of a prologue really, is in the point of view of one of the bad guys. I did that in "Dreamer" to start the story at where the trouble begins. The question becomes, how much further point of view does this character get? Tabitha and Jack are the protagonist POVs, of course, but they are the investigators, and much of what they will discover is occurring throughout the story as opposed to some criminal behavior that is over and done before they start. But since the plot is still developing, I need that additional point of view to tell what's happening that Jack and Tabitha have not yet discovered, which also serves to put the reader in the action instead of having to learn about things through some character's later exposition.

Here's the tricky part: not to give the secret away too early. I think I've got it covered, though. My third POV guy doesn't know everything yet; he is also discerning the truth as things progress.

I seem to have set myself on a difficult path, but the story in my head now needs to get out, must be told. The challenge is in telling it well.

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