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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catching Up

Okay, so the sequel to "The Dreamer Gambit" is underway. I reviewed and revised the old manuscript and began forging ahead when, lo and behold, the file showed signs of corruption. I'd seen it before: suddenly a line of text is replaced by a row of little black boxes and they cannot be deleted. Oh, they look like they're gone, but they always come back.

So I started retyping, using the custom Word template I set up ages ago for manuscripts. Twenty-four pages in, more black boxes. The light dawns: it's the template! I had to copy the retyped part and paste it into Wordpad as text only, ditto the part that I had not retyped. Then start a new document--no template!--and pasted all the text into it. I lost all the formatting, but it was better than retyping yet again!

Yesterday, I sent off my entry to Writers of the Future for the fourth quarter. Now comes the long wait for the results.

I received the corrected galleys for the "Dreamer" print edition, and I'll review those against the changes I had sent before.

Then I can get back to writing new stuff.

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