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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Two Faces, Two Faced - Casting

In an earlier post for "The Dreamer Gambit," I listed who I thought would play each character if the book were made into a movie. Now I'll do the same for "Two Faces, Two Faced." Since this is all imaginary, I can choose anyone I want, although I try to stick with actors who could potentially actually play the part today, not someone in his/her younger days or someone from the past.

I have a friend who says she does not want to know who I would cast until after she has read the book. If this applies to you, CONSIDER THIS A SPOILER ALERT. Read on if you're curious.

Tracy Wiley/Elena Griegos The early image of the character was inspired by Stephanie Zimbalist in the "Remington Steele" TV series back in the 80s. From the current roster of Hollywood talent, I would choose Michelle Monaghan.

Alex Laughlin There was never any doubt on this one--Simon Baker.

Sean McGivern Had this one pegged early on too. Matt Damon - mainly based on his ability to look so different for varying roles. He played a nerdy-type in "Oceans 11" and does the action-hero in the Bourne series. Read "Faces" and you'll see the connection.

Kevin Fox This one was tough. Originally inspired by Pierce Brosnan in "Remington Steele" but the character in the book is around 30 years old. He's supposed to be younger than Tracy, but still very worldly and suave. A search through the IMDB for recent movies with younger actors turned up Kellan Lutz from "Twilight". I've never seen the movie, but he's got the look.

Josette LeBeau Easy choice - Audrey Tautou

Robert Killian Another easy pick which came to me almost as soon as the character developed - Daniel Craig

While there are a lot more secondary characters that would have to be cast, these are the main ones.

I'd be happy to hear from a reader who had a different sort of image  for any of the characters.

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