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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Road to Publishing

Getting to this point -- having an e-book published -- has been a long road. Here are some facts and statistics:

  • The Dreamer Gambit was started in 2005.
  • It has been rewritten three times, and that doesn't count numerous goings-over to edit it in between.
  • In its various forms, it was rejected (which includes agents/publishers who never responded at all) by 25 agents, and 4 publishers contacted without an agent.
  • Three agents were pitched face-to-face at a writers' convention in 2009. (I had to pay for attendance.)
  • Waiting times for rejections could be anywhere from a week to several months.
  • Prior to agents/publishers getting hip to on-line submissions, a paper submission consisting of cover letter, synopsis, first three chapters, and an SASE could cost $3 to $4 each.
I found Write Words, Inc. on a website called "Preditors and Editors" (see Favorite links, left). P&E has a TON of information about agents, publishers, contests, etc. They often provide recommendations--both for and against--to indicate where problems might arise. I strongly suggest this site for anyone looking to publish a novel.

Working with Write Words has been great. The process moved along pretty fast by my experience, and everyone on the staff has been professional, helpful, and friendly.

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