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Sunday, March 20, 2011

If My Book Became a Movie, Part II...Casting

When I'm writing a novel, I usually have a vague idea of what my characters look like in the early stages. Somewhere in the process, I may see an actor in a movie and I'll think "There's (fill in the blank)!" From then on, that actor will be the image I see in my head for the character. Sometimes, as the book nears completion, I'll try to hunt up other actors to fill in the rest of the cast. I don't always succeed in finding an actor for every role, but if all my choices were cast in a movie, the budget would be gi-normous!

So for "The Dreamer Gambit," here are my ideas about who should play whom and why. Click on an actor's name to go to for more about him or her.

Anne Hathaway as Tabitha Solo. Saw her in "The Devil Wears Prada" and she became Tabitha.

Eric Mabius as Jack Watson. Yeah, he's most often associated with "Ugly Betty" on TV, but his role in "Resident Evil" showed me he could be Jack.

Kate Winslet as Carren Bixby. During an earlier version of the novel, Carren was "on stage" more. Ms. Winslet's role in "Titanic" epitomized Carren.

George Clooney as F.B.I. Agent Tom Quentin. Mr. Clooney is always so cool and in complete command of the situation. He'd be perfect.

Kathy Bates as Becca Ferry. Another perfect fit for Jack's wise and kind assistant, although not a huge role for someone so famous.

I'm going to cut it off there. To cast some of the bad guys might spoil things for anyone who has not read the book.

Finally, another plug for the IMDB. This is a fantastic site for anyone who loves movies or TV. It's informative, easy to maneuver in, and has a wealth of information.

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