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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Writing Updates

"The Dreamer Gambit" is off to the presses! While Barnes and Noble is already taking advanced orders on the paperback edition, the expected release is early 2012.

Up to Chapter 4 in the sequel now. As much as I thought I had the story pretty well outlined, I'd almost forgotten how challenging it can be to actually get it down on paper while making sure: the pacing works, the scenes are balanced, the clues are disseminated equitably but without giving away too much, the characters are fully developed, the interactions are believable, the time line is neither too compressed nor too extended. Whew! Granted, once the first draft is complete (or sometimes even before), I can always go back and adjust things back in Chapter 2 when I need to support a great idea in Chapter 10. Whatever did writers do before the age of computers and word processors?

My next ebook is going to be "Two Faces Two Faced" as previously noted. No estimate yet on when it will be available, but most likely in late 2011. December, maybe? I'm trying to put together some cover art, but while I have great visions in my head, executing them is also a challenge. I bought some graphics software which I need to learn how to use to combine the different elements. Good thing Write Words handles the lettering. I don't know if I'd ever be able to get that right.

Really looking forward to the Love is Murder conference in 2012. The last time I went, I was still unpublished and agent-less. I'm still without an agent, but now I am an Author. (It's my blog so I'm going with a capital "A".) This time, I'll be out there promoting my work in any way I can. Maybe even autographing paperbacks of "Dreamer."

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