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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Publishing Updates

Almost ready to send galley corrections to publisher for print edition of "The Dreamer Gambit". Barnes & Noble is already offering preorders on the paperbacks. Release is scheduled for January, 2012.

Thanks to a tip found on the blog of Arline Chase from Write Words, I have added an author page to my book on Amazon. Will it drive more people to this blog and the other sites? I hope so.

The short story for Writers of the Future contest is pretty much ready, but I'm going to have my hubby read it. He's been a very good judge so far on my other stories as to which ones were the best. I also need a second set of eyes on it to make sure everything is as clear on the page as it is in my head. He doesn't mind reading short stories, but novels are a whole nuther thang.

My ad has been getting clicks, which is most gratifying. Don't know if those clicks actually relate to hard sales, but when it comes to self-promoting a novel, you take any avenue you can. Also got the first edition of the "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" newsletter from Love Is Murder on which I am in the Author Spotlight section. Both of these ads are of the paid-for variety, so I really hope they create some sales. That's what the book business is all about, eh?

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